Retractable Water Hose Reel 1-2" X 70 Ft.

Sale price$299.75


features & description:

  • latching mode switch – choose from latching hose every 3 ft.For extended use or switch to “free run” for immediate, automatic rewinding.
  • seven position locking bracket – reel can swivel freely on mounting bracket up to 135° or can be locked into place using the locking bracket.Up to 7 different locking angles can be utilized.
  • adjustable hose stopper – increase or decrease the length of the hose that remains when hose is fully retracted.
  • hose and lead-in hose included – 10 ft.Lead-in hose (3/4 in.X 11 1/2 ght).
  • assembled in usa.

featuring levelwind™ technology – legacy’s unique winding system that automatically layers hose back and forth across the reel ensuring that the hose is coiled smoothly, easily every time – and includes flexzilla® water hose and lead-in hose.

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