Mini-ductor Long Coil Kit

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Features and Benefits:

  • The Mini-Ductor Long Coil Kit is an accessory for the Mini-Ductor II and the Inductor U-555
  • The kit enables the user to heat and release seized nuts & bolts up to 1 1/2" in diameter and other metallic hardware from corrosion and / or thread lock compounds
  • Two 1" Preformed Coil (13.25"L x 1.75"W), Two 7/8" Preformed Coil (13.25"L x 1.25"W)
  • One 3/4" Preformed Coil (13.25"L x 1.25"W),  One 1-3/4" Preformed Coil (13.25"L x 2.25"W)
  • One 1-1/2" Preformed Coil (13.25"L x 2"W),  One 1-1/4" Preformed Coil (13.25"L x 2"W)

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