Bumper Pliers Kit

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Features & Benefits:

  • Accurately repair torn slots and recessed bolt hold in bumper covers.
  • Increase shop profits by speeding difficult repairs.
  • Reduce sanding time by squeezing plastic to correct thickness.
  • Restore correct dimensions of slot for proper panel installation
  • 7 different sized forming dies fit most bumper slot sizes.

 Polyvance’s 6146 Bumper Pliers Kit makes it easier for technicians to repair rectangular “slot tabs” and recessed holes often found on bumper covers. These bumper features are designed to clip into brackets on the quarter panels and hold the bumper tightly in place. The tabs are weak and often break when removing the bumper. The
Bumper Pliers Kit helps technicians repair these problem areas.

Slot tabs can be repaired using the nitrogen plastic welder, but without the aid of the Bumper Pliers Kit, the job requires much more skill and finesse. Additionally, technicians often have difficulty restoring the correct dimensions of the slot, which is critical for proper panel installation.








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