Associated 6-12v Heavy Duty Commercial Fast Battery Charger, 70-60-2a, 265 Amp Cranking

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Features & Benefits:

  • 6/12 Volt - 70/60/2 Amps 265 Amp with Boost Assist
  • Rejuvenates all standard & maintenance-free 6/12 volt batteries
  • Fast charger with the highest performance crank assist of any 60 Amp charger on the market
  • Fast starter with more features and higher rating for the price than any competitive charger in its class durability
  • Vacuum impregnated heavy-duty transformer to seal the unit against external agents
  • Multi-diode rectifiers (patented) to take over in case of failure
  • Fan cooling mechanism prevents overheating enhancing unit’s life span significantly
  • Safety UL and CSA listed with “Safe in Any Weather” operation
  • Cautions against incorrect polarity with patented “Stop/Go-light” technology
  • 500 Amp clamps are covered with vinyl insulation; will not arc or spark

One of the highest rated chargers on the market, analog gauges for ease and accuracy of batteries condition. Indoor and Outdoor rated; made in the USA.

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